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       Installation Charts

The SoloSider is a high quality tool, used to hang fiber-cement, LP Smartside and beveled cedar siding. It can be adjusted for different size overlaps (3/4in. to 1 3/4in.) with a simple push and twist, no screws or nuts to worry about. It will move the plank up and down in 1/16 increments without having to remove it from the hangers. It will not rip the paper or house wrap. It will not mark the siding.

These are the only tools that you can adjust the overlap or reveal in real time. If you want the job to look professional you have to align the siding with the bottoms of the windows and hopefully the tops. Even with the variety of siding board widths out there, using a strict 1 1/4 overlap with Hardi or Certainteed and even the 1" overlap with LP Smartside it is doubtful you will accomplish this . Of course if you have a straightfoward job use the fixed overlap tools. We make some very nice ones that allow you to fudge the plank down as much as 1/8"



cam plank

As you can see by the graphic above, we adjust the overlap which also changes the reveal using a full rise cam.Total cam adjustment is 1/4in. using 1/16 increments. The flat is the release position.

SoloSider separated

Look at the above photo and you can see how these different ranges are engaged. Grasp the small knob and give it a push and twist and it will separate. Move to the range you are using and reengage making sure to keep the SoloSider name upright. You do not separate the knob to release the tool from the siding. In certain cases where you are blocked by a soffit you can use this method.

Hook the SoloSiders onto the first coarse of siding that you have installed making sure that it is level. If hanging a 12' board keep them in about 3' from each end. Place a board on the tools. At this time you know what reveal or overlap you are using and have set the tools accordingly.

Place a nail thru the board into the closest stud to the tool down about 1/2in. from the top and leave it proud about 1/8". Do this for both tools. Now turn the cam to the release position going counter clockwise and putting the arrow in the 12 oclock position. Push the tool up pull the siding out enough to get the tool out. Reset the tools and hang them on this board before nailing it off to code.


When hanging 16' LP Smartside 3/8 or 7/16 Place the tools about a foot in from each end and use the same nailing procedure as above and then go to the center of the board and lift the sag out and nail. (use a face gauge or a tape)

Pair of adjustable SoloSiders
1-1/4 siding gauge in open position1-1/4 siding gauge

We have spared no expense on the quality of these tools and the bean counter was silenced. If something breaks (doubtful) send it back and it will be replaced, no conditions.

  A good example of using a adjustable siding tool to install siding is when you have a porch ceiling that is out of whack, say by 3/8 in.per 12'. Place one SoloSider on the lower course of siding (which is parallel to the deck) set at 1 1/4 overlap . Set the other at 1 5/16. By the time you do the sixth course the 3/8in. mistake disappears. Make sure the 1 5/16 adjustment is on the short side of the porch.

Fixed Gauge For 1-1/4 Overlap

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Adjustable Gauge for Beveled Cedar Siding.

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Adjustable Gauge for 7/16 LP Siding.

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Adjustable Gauge for 5/16 Fiber Cement and 3/8 LP Smartside.

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Knobs only for beveled Cedar siding, max 15/16 butt end. This is for one pair of knobs to fit your existing tool.

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